New Battles, without honor and humanity - Moonlight

by 2L8

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rainer eric
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rainer eric A masterpiece (I). Great lyrics, great singing. The music is full of vitality and often haunting. Raw. For friends of the early TUXEDOMOON - and for others as well :-) . Favorite track: Lost pictures.
Nicolas RESSOT
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Nicolas RESSOT On connaît surtout la Grèce pour son histoire et sa crise économique (qui d'ailleurs est déjà historique), mais à part Septic flesh, je connaissais peu de groupes... Cela dit, je considère que 2L8 est un groupe tellement merveilleux qu'il est forcément sorti de nulle part ! Favorite track: Silence.


“In my opinion, 2L8 with "New Battles without Honor and Humanity" will produce a small cult of fans among the avant-garde, neo-classical, folk and especially indie rock music. I admit it, I am a little surprised that this band is still not known everywhere”
Machinist (Belarus)

“2L8 are indescribable. They manage to convey the sound of today. Epic music filled with torrents of guitar treble, strings and voices worthy of the best opera house. Pure music, with an expressive rawness complexity, earning in value with each repetition. 2L8 are the culmination of contemporary musical expression, a sound document that we must listen "to understand how music evolves"”
Alter Ars (Spain)

“Led by K the Clown, the ever-fluctuating group 2L8 has been together for only four years, producing two albums of heady avant garde explorations, pop, rock, and glorious dissonance. Listen to the epic, irresistible, oddball violin and poetry-dominated music that they make.”

“For some reasons the sound of 2L8 bring the likes of Liars to mind, except that they rock a bi-zillion bigger and louder. That doesn’t goes to say I don’t like Liars though. I guess its the slight punk(ish) edge. Obviously this goes as an EPIC noise updated that truly rock the hell out of guitars and distortions. Simply hit play on Let it go track and you’ll know what I mean. INSTANT BRAIN DAMAGE”
Sirensound (UK)

“The main tracks are inspired by a kind of free-style rock music, which is sometimes moving on the edge of punk-rock and wave-rock. 2L8 uses different influences, but in the end it always appears to be rock-minded. I didn’t exactly expect acoustic instruments like cello, piano, violin, saxophone, viola ao to achieve a rock-minded work. 2L8 sounds quite particular, having created a proper genre with rock music as their main guiding line.”
Side-Line (Belgium)

“'New Battles' is an epic album, "album" as in the truest sense of the word and which you can also perceive to be a handheld theatre play. Like rhetoric goth perhaps, the lyrics, however, read like pamphlets. The wording is straight and simple in its striving for a better world.”
Pennyblackmusic (UK)


released October 14, 2011




2L8 Θεσσαλονίκη, Greece

A collective led by K. and comprised of greek talented musicians, 2L8 is a bold project that has come to be categorized by their radical stylistic shifts between albums, while retaining a consistent interest in rhythm and distinct sonic accents and textures. Their music is rewarding, challenging and lurches deftly between emotional intimacy, ambition and uncompromising experimentation. ... more

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Track Name: Greatness falls
Inside your chest, I found a key, it unlocks, a secret door
Where it leads, do not know, I am under a spell
I wear the sea, like a blanket, this blanket I curse
And I find myself, in a plane, where will I land?
Silence, fear grows, why?
You learn to hate
Despair, your city inhales everyday
So lay aside this wound, lay aside this life. Lay
Dream under this spell, dream for something fragile, I am
Hey! We shall learn, from the dust
No more fear
The rain
We shall wonder
The seven seas
And we’ll find peace
Like a filling glass I feel my soul rise into my eyes
I finally see
Track Name: Understanding of standing under the same cloud
When the times get tough
When the tide turns black
We stick together
We stick together
Track Name: A monent !!!
This time we won’t go far
It’s clear and it’s safe
How much longer will this body
Will it hold me down?
I believe in this ideal moment
Will come and crush the past
How much longer will this body
Prevent me from getting
Inside you, inside you, and we lay, silent
Well it starts like this
Without a breath, with no fear, I face the truth, and kill myself
Without a moan, with no tears, cause I learned, a new spell
And I can, I will, find me, a new wind
Just stay
Track Name: Lover
Will you be my lover?
This could be forever
This will be forever
At first we all thought this could be it
You can bite and not be bitten
This would be so liberating
Now we know it was pretending
How could I say? It just looked so goddamned great.
Before you know it was spreading, coloring my mind
You can never leave; go back to where you’ve been to
You will never leave, once you are there
Will you be my lover?
Track Name: Silence
The silence inside him
And as the years go by I become more and more of an animal
I sit alone in this dark room, yes I hide inside
My tenderness, my sweet desire, I do not remember, I cannot recall
What I desired, if I ever did desire
And I make this my commitment, till the end of slavery
Of my soul, and of my brothers and my sisters
Nothing belongs to me, nothing ever did belong
Let us dream on, dream of moving on
On the stars, on the stars, on the stars, they shine so bright tonight
At last it all makes sense, this trip is about to end
Exactly where it begun, to the lust for life
Life inside
Oh, finally its clear friends, we have all been misled
Now nothing is solid, nothing is saved, we never feel safe
Who will ever be so brave, to speak the forbidden words
I fear it’s possible that we are already tied
Let us dream of freedom
Track Name: Healing song
Wherever you are, I hope you rest
And all the wounds will heal soon
Wherever you are, whatever you do, whatever you see, whatever you taste,
whatever you touch, whatever you smell, I beg you kindness, embrace her
Until you blossom again
No more tears
Believe in yourself
Don’t drown in fear
Dance my dancer, dance like you always did
Let us admire your grace, Let us see!
Your glowing eyes in ecstasy
Brightening all the world
Your glitter wave
Time is a cure
In your resting place
A solitude remedy
Away from everything
Everything that hurts
Track Name: Lost pictures
Dust is dust, the world is sinking, I need her, to hide inside her
To kiss the mouths, of their dust, who rides the imagined oceans?
So dust is dust, if the world is sinking, I do need her, to hold in my hands
To scent the palms, of their dust, who admits the delusive light?
Don’t you see what they’ve been after?
Our good little slave will be working forever
Oh, we’d love to see them suffer!
When they’ll be going down
Holding on to old ideas and patterns of thought
Is not consistent, with the current government policy
But dust is dust, and enough is enough, no words can describe injustice
How many of us, will be turned to dust, until the spaceship reaches mars?
I know it might sound like I have lost it
It’s because I do have lost it
Looks like the slave won’t be singing forever
Guess we are going down
Down, down, down, because I have lost it
Down cause the slave won’t be working forever
Down, down, down, we’d love to see you suffer
You are going down
Dust is dust, my world is shrinking, in fact it is just one room
Dust is dust, and I am just thinking that I need her, to live inside her
Track Name: Sleepless
I heard her voice grow faint
I heard her voice grow faint
How unfair, how unfair, I sink in repetition
The progressive softening of her tone
The progressive softening of her tone
How unfair, how unfair, I sink in repetition
The enigma takes the form of a thorn,
Pricking the innocent soul into
A bloody state, a bloody state
This girl’s dream decays into futility
The trap was set, Blood thirsts
for more blood, for more blood, for more blood
The trap was set, the trap was set
I sink into, I sink into
The trap was set, the trap was set
I sink in repetition
How unfair, how unfair I sink in repetition
How unfair, how unfair I sink into
Track Name: Don’t follow me
When we were young, we forgot to share, to see, to blossom
And now we are tired, tired of this and that and all
The reason why we lost, we lost our hearts you know is comfort
Yes we are tired, of being such cowards
Forever young, that’s a game we played and lost
Since we live, we shouldn’t sell our dreams so cheap, we should have
Always remain faithful to the essence of our existence
Always keep everything in our lives that defines us
There are so many roads to freedom, I will follow
There are so many roads to freedom, pleased to follow you if you show me one
Don’t follow me cause I am lost too
Track Name: Xxx
When I was a little boy, I swore to my god
I will never be your toy; I will never be your whore
Track Name: Love is gone
Now my love is gone to the sun
These things happen when you love a bullet
And then you go BANG! shooting your gun
And then you go BANG! BANG!
Track Name: Circle the pencil Mr Ink
This future is a mess, there is nothing left to spoil, so I construct my ark, fear the rain no more
What happened to the child? What is this moan? If this is the fall I choose to dance
I don’t care about your law
I use my legs to climb the wall
I’d rather die struggling man
Than wait to drown in your sea
They say love is a liberating dance, I tried, the steps are all mistaken
I agree love is a liberating dance, but your steps are all mistaken
Track Name: The forgotten dolls choose to die
When I am thinking of the future, of the things we are going to do, all the lies we will say, all the dreams
we are going to screw, well it doesn’t fit to me it, it all feels so vain, suddenly its clear to see and I say
We are gonna die
Yesterday she said to me, look if you are going to stay you better stop singing this song today,
well it just brings me down, makes me feel so sad, oh darling, you don’t get it, what I say is
You are gonna die, we are gonna die
Oh my friend came to me, he was cheated oh betrayed, it’s a pity I agree, shame, shame, shame,
well I said to him, don’t drown in your fucking shame, you better let go brother, soon it will be late!
Your truth, your lies, not mine, not mine, this is not a world in which I wish to live in.
It’s your truth, your lies, not mine, not mine; this is not a world in which I wish to live in.
Nothing can extinguish my anger, and nothing can restore my faith
We are gonna die
May the dreams you are dreaming in a warm soft bed and the voices inside you that feel you with dread,
guide you through to another day that will be so much better, better than today
I hear there are still people that are saving for the day that the sky will be blue without a toxic chemtrail,
come on now don’t you see it’s such a fucking waste, so how about sister let’s start living today!
And if we ever grow old and ugly, ok that’s not very probable but let’s just say,
if we ever grow old and ugly, guess what I am gonna say
You’re gonna die And I will die. And he will die. And she will die. Oh, they are gonna die.
We are gonna die
Track Name: I got nothing
I got nothing left but to sing for you
Track Name: An ancient voice
The darkness within your own heart, everyone has this darkness
Let’s go to the see in winter
Don’t focus on the scars, focus on the journey
You are a good liar, at least do the right thing